Dropship Bundles + Shopify!

Welcome to the Dropship App for the Hair Industry!

The combination of Shopify and Dropship Bundles will give you the absolute best drop shipping experience the industry has ever offered. Our Shopify App syncs all our products, photos, product descriptions, and pricing directly into your store.

Ready? Let’s Get Started! You Got This!

Follow the steps below to get started. It’s going to be way easier than you think!

Step 1: Sign up for Shopify

You will be required to have a Shopify store to use our Dropship Hair App. Shopify does offer a free 14-day trial!

Previously you could not use Shopify Payments for selling hair extensions. Because of our relationship with Shopify we can now get you access to Shopify Payments as a user of our App!

(the button will open in a new tab so you can easily come back here to continue the steps)

1A: Copy Your Shopify URL

When you sign up for Shopify you will be assigned a URL for your store.

Example: https://your-hair-website.myshopify.com/

Copy your Store URL and stay signed into Shopify. Our system connects to your Shopify store for logging in.

1B: Come Back To This Page

Come back to this page and continue to follow the steps after you have finished signing up for Shopify.

Step 2: Install Dropship Hair App!

We make it so easy to install our Dropship Hair App into your store!

You just need to paste your Shopify URL and click the Install App button as seen in the image below.

Sign up Page

Step 2A: Follow the Shopify Prompts

You will be directed back into your Shopify website and asked to confirm the installation of the Dropship Hair App.

Continue to follow the prompts.

Step 2B: All Set!

Now you should be all set with the Dropship App installed in your Shopify store.

In the next steps, you will be able to start adding products to your store. Our App and your Shopify store will sync products and orders seamlessly.

Step 3: Setup Dropship App

The Dropship App has all the features you need to add products to your store, manage orders, and be successful selling hair online without having to hold any inventory or take trips to the post office.

Step 3A: Verify Account

We take online sales VERY SERIOUSLY and have used this exact system for the past two years to verify over 1k sellers with our current Dropship Bundles system.

To get whitelisted for Shopify Payments and for us to ship orders on your behalf we will need to verify you are genuinely the cardholder and owner of the account. This verification will eliminate the chances of consumer fraud.

Verification App

You can’t miss this annoying orange banner asking you to verify your account.

Good news is that it will go away in just a minute by completing the verification process by sending a photo of your Drivers License and your Credit Card with all the numbers blocked except the last for digits.

You can also get to this page by going to Settings –> ID Verification.

Once you get to the page it will look like this.

ID Page

Once your Verification is complete the verification page from the settings tab will look like this and you will be approved for us to ship orders on your behalf.

Verification Complete

Step 4: Set Automated Pricing Levels

Before importing products to your Shopify store, you will want to make sure your profit margins are set. Don’t worry; you can also adjust these on a product level before and after you import the product.

You will want to visit Settings –> Store Settings.

Here you will be able to quickly adjust your overall upcharge from the dropship price and set your profits.

Store Settings

The “Product Price” will be the actual price you are selling the product for. The “Compare at Price” will be a level that is marked higher to represent what it could sell for by others online.

By setting the “Multiplier” it will take the App’s dropship price and multiply it by a markup value.

Example: Your Dropship Cost for item XYZ is $100.

You set the Multiplier to 1.4 for the Product Price and 1.6 for the Compare At Price.


Your Product Cost: $100
Sell For Price: $140
Compare at Price: $160

You can also change the product prices manually to whatever you feel fit. Just always make sure they are higher than your cost!

Step 5: Import Products

Products Search

Step 5A: Importing Products Example

In this example, I will show you how to import a “Bundle Deal” in your store. The process will be the same for all products and our system makes it so easy to build out the products on your Shopify store.

Once in the Bundle Deals product section, you can import a single or all the bundle deals you would like to offer on your Shopify store. It’s totally up to you!

Just hover over the product and click the “Add to Import List.”

Loose wave bundle deal

Once you have a product in your “Import List” you can make the final adjustments before importing it into your Shopify store.

You can find your Import List by going to: Products –> My Import List

The Loose Wave Bundle Deal is in our import list as you can see below.

You can change the name if you choose and add it to a Shopify “Collection” if you have already created one on your store.

loose wave import list

The Description tab allows you to change the description as you like before importing the product into your Shopify store.

Don’t worry, if you want to change the description later within the Shopify Admin area after important you can do so.

loose wave description

The Variants page allows you to see what combinations are available for the product quickly. You can easily make pricing changes at this point or do so after the product has been imported into your Shopify store.

The toggle switch allows you to turn specific product variants on or off if you didn’t want to import or sell a particular variation.

loose wave variants

The last step is to import the product into your store!

You are able to make all the additional changes you would like within the Shopify store.

import to store