Manage your Hair Extension Website

Updating your WordPress website and WooCommerce is really easy if you follow the published documentation. If you purchased a hair extension website from us and need further assistance please feel free to contact us.

How do I change the retail pricing on my hair extension website?

Updating your pricing will only take a minute. Check out this article on WooCommerce to change your pricing:

Update Pricing

How do I add additional products to my website?

You are able to add as many products as you like to your site.

Adding and Managing Products

How do I update my shipping charges?

Our current shipping prices are based on Flat Rate shipping and are very easy to manage. If you would like to update it then please visit this article:

Product Shipping

How to add a Coupon

Giving discounts is a great way to boost sales. Here is how to create a coupon:

Coupon Management

Have more questions

One benefit of using a WordPress website with WooCommerce for E-Commerce is that it is well documented online.

You can find more help with WooCommerce here: WooCommerce Docs

If you wanted to find more info about updating WordPress visit: WordPress Docs

Looking for Custom Development?

Need a little extra help with getting additional features on your website?

We have partnered with a leading WordPress development company to help our clients get custom work for their websites.

Visit Codeable

Looking to get additional work done to your WordPress website?

This could include:

  • Additional Designs
  • Custom Development
  • Customizations
  • Maintenance

The sky is the limit when it comes to websites.

As you know, once we hand over your website you are 100% responsible for it.

Yes, our customer service team does their best to help answer questions, but some things are just over our heads.

Instead of having an in-house team we decided to partner with some experts. We wanted to find a team that was trustworthy and affordable.

If you need help please contact our new partners here:

Custom Development