Why Promote Another Hair

Brand When You Can Have Your Own?

We are huge fans of working with YouTube Beauty Gurus, especially ones who have a passion for hair! We understand the hard work it takes to consistently grow your subscribers, create content, and promote yourself. Once established, YouTubers are usually asked by various hair companies to become promotors and are then compensated through one time payments and/or free products. It’s a great business in making a quick income, but just like building your YouTube channel, business it best when thinking longer term. Our team is looking to build long term relationships with YouTubers that would be interested in having and promoting their very own hair brand.

YouTube Guru
Business Builder Program

You are Awesome on YouTube

We are the Best at Hair Branding

Let’s Sell Some Hair Together!

Hair Branding Experts

Our team of experts build hair extension brands every day. Our clients include Stylists, Salon Owners, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs and YouTubers like yourself. The YouTube Business Builder Program connects you the YouTuber with our team so we can help you build your hair business into a profitable venture.

We Handle the Technology

We Handle The Products

We Handle the Shipping

Our Responsibilities

We will work directly with you to get your E-Commerce website up and running and make sure you know how to use it. Our team will pack and ship your hair extension orders as they come in. Our Atlanta showroom inventories an abundance of hair and are relentless on shipping orders quickly. Think of us as your back of the house operation team.

You Do The Marketing

You Take The Payments

You Handle Customer Service

Your Responsibilities

Let’s go over what you will need to do to run your hair business. You are in charge of all the marketing. When orders come in the payments go directly to your PayPal account. The customer service is in your hands too. You are the face of the business and handle all the direct customer interactions.

Your Hair Brand

How Does the Order Process Work?

You got your first sale. Woohoo! What’s next? The way the system works is you are in full control of the money coming into your business. So once a customer places an order on your website at the retail price now have the funds. You then login to our dropshipping system and purchase the hair at the wholesale price. This process takes less than 1 minute per order. We then pack & ship your order and provide you with tracking information. You can then update your website with the tracking information so it is sent to your customer. Once you are all setup it is really that easy!

YouTube Business Builder Application

Beauty Gurus that are accepted into the program will have all Website Development fees waived. You will only be responsible for the rock solid hosting we offer at $19.99 per month. You will also have direct access to our hair team that will help give you direction to be successful with your new hair company.

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1. Why do you want to work with YouTube Beauty Gurus?

We know what it takes to build a brand and it is very similar to building your YouTube channel. Hard work, dedication and most important consistency. We are currently working with YouTubers that are VERY successful at selling hair extensions and strive to grow our business further.

2. If accepted, how long does it take to launch?

We can generally get your hair line launched in about 7 days as long as you provide all the necessary info to get started. Some great photos too! It is really simple and we do this all day and are 100% experts.

3. Do I get free hair?

Nope. As a business owner you will have costs associated with doing business. Buying hair for samples, photos shoots, video shoots or any other occasion has to be covered by the store owner.

4. How do I know your hair is good?

We sell to hundreds of salons, stylists and are trusted by celebrities. Some of these are TV Personalities in the hair industry and national educators for Paul Mitchell. We work with a pretty awesome team of individuals in the industry.

5. What are the costs of having my own hair brand.

We handle all the inventory and building your website so your only initial cost would be the hosting of the website. To run your own hair business for only 20 bucks a month is incredible.

6. What if I want custom packaging?

We offer custom silky bags and hang tags at incredible prices. Most don’t invest into this until they get their business up and running.

7. How much can I make per order?

It will really depend on what your customer orders of course. If someone orders (3) 18″ bundles at a retail price of $80 each and your dropshipping cost is around $150 then your profit should be around $90 for the one order. Sell a few orders a day and your profits will really start to add up!

8. How long will it take to be successful?

Just like building up your YouTube subscriber base it will take a little time. You will already have the advantage of a social media following that you can tap into. This is a great start!

9. What does it take to get accepted into the YouTube Business Builder Program?

We don’t give away the specifics but it mostly has to do with the size of your subscriber base, how many views you get per video and the consistency of your video publishing. If we are going to waive a lot of the costs to get a hair brand started we have to make sure we are working with serious individuals.

10. What if I don’t get accepted into your YouTube Business Builder Program and really still want to have my own hair brand?

You are still able to purchase a Hair Extension Website and get started. We also love to throw YouTubers some coupons to help get started.

Do you have additional questions? Feel free to Contact Us.