It is important to have your Domain Name for your website. We recommend registering your Domain Name with GoDaddy. If you already have it registered with another company that will be fine as well.

We also recommend getting an email address with your own name. Example: Your domain name registration company should offer these services at a minimal cost.

PLEASE NOTE: The website package purchased includes changes only related to what is included in the form below. Any other changes or requests are considered custom development. Let’s Get Your Website Done!

Fill out my online form.

Next Steps

After you have submitted your information, we will start building your website. Our development team will reach out to you if we have any specific questions.

Before launching the site, we will provide a link to your site.

We expect you to review the site, and advise us of any necessary changes. Once complete, we will push the website store ownership, and transfer the site to you.

At this point, you will have full control to make any additional changes such as product photos, product pricing and just about anything else. You will also be able to connect your payment method and domain name accordingly.

We build sites on Shopify because they are very well documented.

Don’t know how to create a coupon? Just search Google or YouTube (“How to create a coupon on Shopify”) and you will find dozens of step-by-step examples.


1. What if I want custom work or additional changes done to my website?

After we have handed the website over to you then you will have the ability to make any changes you see fit. We also offer custom development services if there are certain things you don’t know how or have the time to do.

2. Can I set my own prices?

Yes! Once we have handed the website over to you with Admin access you are able to change the prices as you see fit. The current pricing is just the markup you chose in the form above.

3. Can I add my own products that I currently sell?

Sure! Once we have handed the site over to you then you will have full control to add your additional products. Please remember these will not be able to be dropshipped from us.

4. Do I have to have my own domain name?

Not necessarily! Once the website has been transferred over to you with Shopify, you will be able to add your own domain name or stick to the Shopify URL provided to you.

7. Is my site secure?

Yes! Shopify offers a free SSL certificate for your website.