Do You Have Custom Branding?

For instance, if you have bundle wraps/lash labels/hair extensions bags already physically made, send us a picture of that so that we can approve it for you.

Please follow these steps to have your branding sent to the Dropship Bundles team for your orders:

  1. You must complete the form below and send us a photo of your branding.
  2. The Dropship Bundles team will reach out to you to give you the approval to send us your branding.
  3. We will provide you your custom branding number and link to a form to let us know you are sending us your branding.
  4. Ship the items to us and fill out the supplied form with tracking so we can assure the safe delivery of your items.
  5. Once we have received your branding items we will contact you to confirm!
Fill out my online form.