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New Marketplace Hits the Hair & Wig Industry!

The First Marketplace For Wigs!

Over the past decade we have seen great advancements in technology that have changed the way we shop for products and services online and through mobile apps. It first started with Ebay in 1995, a marketplace where you could sell anything. Then companies started picking broader areas to create a more focused marketplace like Etsy which offers handmade and vintage items from a few hundred product categories. One of the most successful marketplaces is Uber, the mobile app based car service that is taking all of the taxi marketshare. Now in 2016 the hair industry has Wig Market, the first marketplace for custom and manufactured wigs.

We said it first here – Wig Market will be the biggest influencer in how wigs are bought and sold online this decade.

What is a Marketplace?

Quora has a great definition of what is a marketplace.

A marketplace connects Sellers and Buyers through the Internet and thereby fosters efficiency in an otherwise inefficient market.

A Marketplace is an E-commerce platform that enables Individuals as well as Business to either list their items for sale or set up online Storefonts on the marketplace platform and leverage the platform and its services [search, viewing product information, buying, payment, order management etc.

So what does this mean for wig makers and consumers? The hair industry is NOT the most efficient market but with new marketplaces like Wig Market it will begin to change. This will be good for stylists and great for consumers. Consumers will now have one place to shop for wigs while stylists should take the opportunity to build up their presence on the platform.

How to Sell Wigs?

Getting started on Wig Market is easy. Open a store in just a few minutes. It is free to open your wig store and there is no cost to create unlimited products. Wig Market does charge a 10% fee for all successful transactions. So basically the platform only makes money if the seller makes money which is more than fair. Think of it as a “marketing” expense as Wig Market is sending sellers the wig buyers which anyone that knows business can see the value in that. Wig Market has partnered with WePay for the credit card processing. WePay is like the PayPal for marketplace payments. Once you have launched your store it is crucial to complete all the profile info including about, shipping & return policies, profile video and profile photo. Creating products is really easy on the platform. Sellers should focus on taking great photos and take time to make good product descriptions. This is what sells products so it is worth the extra time doing it right. Wig Market offers an internal messaging system between buyers and sellers, traffic analytics, sales numbers and automated shipping emails. Pretty much everything you need to run a successful wig business online.

Sell Wigs Online

Wigs for Sale!

Since the launch last week it looks like Wig Market has already started getting traction with stylists. They have new wigs being added to the site every day. The site breaks them down in categories including straight, wavy, curly, braids and coming soon are mens and fantasy wigs. Our favorite section is the New Arrivals that lists the site’s latest wigs. The search feature works great to find something more specific. It will probably take a few weeks to really ramp up the amount of stylists and wigs that are being added to the site. We think once the word gets out this is going to be a lot of fun to watch. Their about page also states that there will be mobile apps for sellers soon. These apps will help them upload their wig products faster from their mobile phones.

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