Approved Branding Form

Congrats! You have received the official approval from Dropship Bundles to send us your custom packaging!

Please fill out this form below to let us know your items are on the way.

Ship the custom branding items you have to the address provided below:

Luxury Hair Direct

1272 Dahlgren Ln

Atlanta, GA 30316

**IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan to hand deliver your items, put “Hand Delivery” for the shipping company space and the “date” you will be delivering the items for the tracking number space.

Make sure you hand deliver your items within the next 7 days of filling out this form.

Reference Number

Once the items have physically arrived at our office we will provide you with a reference number (unless you are en existing drop shipper, in which case you would already HAVE a reference number)

  • You will use this reference # every time you place an order. This will let us know to ship your products in the custom branding.

  • When you run out your custom branding it is up to you to provide us with more.

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