Website Theme Switch


Switch your current website theme created by us, for any of the themes we currently have available, including Shopify (Dropship Beauty App) website themes.


What Does a Website Theme Switch Do?

The Website theme switch allows you the ability to switch any site, previously created by us that is still hosted on our servers, to any of the new website themes that we have currently available.

What Happens To My Old Site?

With the switch, ALL current information on your website will be LOST as it is not transferred over to our new theme.

What Will I Have To Do?

You will be required to go through the same steps you went through when purchasing a  new website.

  • Submitting a website design form
  • Approving a site preview
  • Provide current Domain information to launch your new site
  • Updating product prices (Sites are pre-loaded with suggested retail prices only)