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How to Build Hype For New Hair Products Using Facebook Live in 5 Steps

Social Media Royalty

If content is king than video content is the newly crowned prince of social media, especially for small businesses. That means that live video is on a whole other level; especially when it comes to substantial social platforms like Facebook. You may be wondering why, but it’s because Facebook Live gives you a chance to pull in members of your audience that are already connected with your hair extension brand and engaged. It allows you to communicate with those potential customers in a more personal capacity.

If you as a hair business and brand can make this a part of your social media strategy on a weekly basis, you can turn your Facebook Live product showing into a social media tv show. A show that not only previews your products and puts you in front of your customer regularly, but also educates your viewer.

Keep reading to find out how!

Plan for Four Weeks Of Content

Use Facebook live to launch your product before you even think of shipping it to your headquarters or your warehouse. Facebook Live videos get so much attention. On top of that, you can get multiple uses from the content by recording the live feed then reusing/repurposing the content well after you’ve gone live with the initial information.

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A good tactic for launching your product would be to start creating a buzz around it four weeks before you even launch or introduce it into your product assortment. Do this by using Facebook Live.

Host a weekly Facebook Live pre-launch show on your business page or personal page, whichever you’re promoting your hair business from. Give your customers a place to come back to every week to gather information. Remember, on the show your job is to build anticipation. To do this, talk about the product that you’re going to release via your hair brand after you released all the information and educated them on why they should be itching to spend their dollars with you.

The Importance of Scheduling

It’s essential to create a series that your audience can get value from and really connect with the product that you are trying to launch. People, and customers, in particular, like to be in constant communication with wherever they’re dollar is going. If they know and trust the person that is going to receive their dollar, they’re likely to spend more with them. By creating and scheduling out your series on a weekly basis, you’re building a rapport and relationship with the people that you want to not only be a customer but be a supporter of your hair business.

To schedule your Facebook Live product launch series successfully write it down and plan the content that you’re going to talk about. If you need a real-life example, we can use the Brazilian Straight hair as the product that you are hypothetically introducing to your hair extension company. We will reference this product when referring to going live with on Facebook Live to introduce a new product to our current customer base.

Initially, we are going to think about four different topics that we can talk about when promoting and educating our target audience on Brazilian straight hair.

Topics surrounding the Brazilian straight hair include:

1. Grade
2. Coloring
3. Styling Techniques
4. Lengths

Now that we have our Facebook Live content loosely outlined and written down on paper we can put dates down on our calendar. These dates will tell us when we will be talking about each of these topics surrounding the Brazilian straight hair. These dates are for the live content only and do not dictate when we’re going to release the recorded live content.

mark your calendar

Getting a schedule down on the calendar makes it real! Putting our launch series on our schedule lets us know that as a brand we’ll have to commit to getting his information out to our target customers so that they know this product is coming.

When scheduling, be sure to share your product launch episodes on Facebook live on the same day of the week and around the same time so that your customers can sense a bit of stability in your marketing plan and programming. It will also give them an idea as to when they need to be in front of their smartphone or computer to hear from you.

5 Steps to Launch Your Product Using Facebook Live


When starting your Facebook Live cast, you’re going to need an intro. This intro is going to provide you with a little bit of credibility because you’re going to go into detail about your company, who you are as the owner and the experience that you have in the hair industry to speak about this topic professionally. The intro should be a few short minutes because you don’t want your Facebook Live cast to be too long, or else people will leave.

The purpose of this intro is to get the newcomers who may not have seen you on Facebook live before or remind people who are supporters of your brand, who you are and what you’re selling you want them. Use the intro to relate your audience the mission and objective of your hair business.

2. Your Hook

After the intro, you need your hook. Explain why you’re having a Facebook Live session and why the viewers should care that you’re having a Facebook live session. Be clear and be concise so that your viewers know what they’re going to learn from you throughout the video.

If you want to let all of your viewers know what your topics are going to be throughout the next four weeks during that first episode feel free to do so. This way they can write down when to tune in and key specifically on what you’re going to talk about. Including all of the information upfront also lets them know that you have a series that is connected and not just going live every Monday or Tuesday for no reason.


Using the Brazilian Straight Hair example the “hook” of your 1st live session would be: to speak about the Brazilian Straight hair that you’re going to offer next month on your hair business website.

Also, push that you are inviting your followers and potential customers to watch as you detail pertinent information about the hair and show them why they need to be first in line to purchase premium Brazilian straight bundles from you.

3. Your Story

It is very hard to hook someone without an authentic story. This is especially true when they see a pop-up of you going live, and they’re already scrolling through their Facebook feed. Truthfully, they may not want to deviate from what they’re already watching or looking at to see what you are talking about. So if they know that you’re telling a story in each of your episodes and relating it to their life or something funny they may be more inclined to watch.

To capture an audience that is going to tune in make sure that during your first story you are actively letting your viewers and potential customers know about your journey to finding this premium quality Brazilian straight hair.


Relate it to you. Just like they’re looking to purchase quality hair you were searching to do the same thing, and you found it so that they can stop looking. Connect with them on that level. Doing this will also help you build trust within your community of potential customers and a sense of camaraderie within your tribe.

For example, you may want to use your story time to go into detail about finding this Brazilian Straight hair. You may talk about various wholesale vendors you were looking into before you saw the Dropship bundles capability through Private Label Extensions.  Feel free to talk about the other vendors that you’ve tried. However, for the sake of professionalism don’t ever mention them by name and or bash someone directly. Instead let your customers know if you have experience with other hair that claims to be Brazilian and unfortunately did not pass a good color test, came with a weird smell, or there was a residue in the package.

Information like that is something that they need to know, and it is something that they can now laugh with you about because you’re getting such quality hair within a couple of weeks. A comedic edge to your Facebook Live pre-launch will give you an element that will make them come back so that they can check out the quality of the new hair that you’re getting.

4. Teaching Points

Teaching points are what people are coming to your Facebook Live for. And don’t worry, you have those. The four topics that you mapped out for each of the four weeks that you’re going to talk about this Brazilian hair, those are your teaching points. You should really dig into any facts or personal experience that you have with the Brazilian straight hair and give to your customer all of that information. You want your customer to feel like they have walked away from your Facebook Live session knowing exactly what they’re going to get.

Week 1: Grade

Use Week 1 to educate your viewers on what the hair grading system is and why it is so vital and monumental that Malaysian hair is 7A grade while Brazilian hair is 8A grade. If you have a bundle of the Malaysian hair, it might be beneficial for you to put that into your Facebook Live content as well so you can make a stark comparison between the two.


Brazilian Silky Straight

Malaysian Straight

Malaysian Silky Straight

Show the differences and let your customers know that Malaysian hair could be a little more coarse. Let them know that when they’re ordering straight hair and are looking for a silkier texture, the Brazilian is the way to go. You can show the Brazilian Straight bundle in a way that displays the lack of split ends and the thickness of the hair from root to tip. Also, explain to your customers that the Brazilian hair is going to last a little bit longer than the Malaysian hair because of the grade as long as it is adequately taken care of.

Week 2: Coloring

When it comes to coloring, you can use the comparison technique in your second week of Facebook Live cast as well. Let your customers know that Malaysian hair really shouldn’t be colored although some say that they can color it up to 27 honey blonde. Inform your customers that the Brazilian hair could be colored up to a 27 honey blonde definitely and the quality of the hair will not be sacrificed as long as they use the proper coloring techniques.

how to dye hair extensions

You can even do a coloring process on camera, comparing the two. It may also be a good idea to include a raw bundle or a piece of a raw bundle if you have one, to show your customers the consequences of trying to lift past a 27 honey blonde with the Brazilian hair. Let them see the difference between the different types of hair and how coloring can affect them. If they are looking at purchasing the Brazilian hair and you put it against the Raw Hair as a vendor you are showing honesty and being transparent.

Remember, these videos are not meant to boost one hair type over the other. They should educate your customers about what they’re going to be purchasing when it comes into stock and how they can interact with the product to meet their styling needs.

Week 3: Styling Techniques

hair styling

When it comes to styling techniques a lot of people will buy a sample kit. Inside the sample kit is a tiny piece of each type of Brazilian hair that Dropship Bundles offer. After they purchase the sample kit, they’ll use those strips to test the quality of the hair. This is what you’re doing during week 3 of your Facebook Live product launch session. Taking one or two bundles of the Brazilian hair (or the new product your launching) have a live model to spice up your presentation or use yourself as the live model and curl the hair. Use massive amounts of heat to show how the hair interacts what the high temperature and do before and after shot. Wash it and use rollers to show how your customers could potentially style it in a no heat way.

A tactic like this could help sell to customers if they don’t want to put any heat on their leave out and the Brazilian hair as well. You want to show what the hair can do and its full capacity, and educate your potential customers on different ways that they can achieve the looks that they’re going for after purchasing the Brazilian hair.

Week 4: Lengths

The last video that you do on Facebook Live when producing your product pre-launch series for the Brazilian straight hair could be something straightforward. Going over the different lengths of the Brazilian straight hair and where they stop on different people would suffice. Something like that is rarely done, and I think people don’t consider where hair hits on them before they consider their hair length. After you’ve done this be sure to reiterate key points from your previous videos and hype-up your launch happening the following week!

5. A Call to Action

The call to action involves you giving your viewers an exclusive offer on the fourth episode. You could use a coupon code for tuning in for the past four weeks and even make the giveaway interactive.

Other ideas on implementing you CTA include keeping track of the people who have watched all the episodes via a spreadsheet and then send them to a landing page for the unique product that you’re launching and enable them to purchase first or at a discounted rate. Remember if you create a unique landing page for your Facebook live session you can collect the email addresses of your different viewers and build your email list. Use that email list to communicate your coupons for future deals and nurture and massage the leads that you’ve garnered before you launch that product or the next one — strategies like this help to build your consumer base.

amazon landing page

Facebook Live Promo

Now that you know the content you need to provide let me hit you with the real tough part: getting an audience! It’s tough to get a big crowd to tune in to Facebook Live. This is especially true if your hair brand is new and you haven’t garnered a lot of social proof.

The first thing that you can do to ramp up your visibility is to go hair and beauty Facebook groups and mention your hair business. Ask people to follow your hair business Facebook page and try to get on a podcast or buy ad space on a podcast to promote your Live sessions there too.

Be sure to communicate with your current email subscribers that you are going live and leave them with dates and times that you’re going to start your show. Word of mouth is still a thing so reaching out to your direct network may also be what you need to do to get a sizable audience in front of your Facebook live show.

Hair and Beauty FB Groups

It may sound like a lot, but let me offer you some encouragement too. If your Facebook Live attendance is low, that is okay. Just taking into account, the live headcount is limiting this video to one day and one method of use. You can do so much more with a Facebook live video when you record it. Use each video to grow your email list. Create a small recap for it and send each video in the email after you’ve gone live.

It is also crucial that you remember to engage with people. Whether you’re engaging with the people, who are watching the videos and watching your styling techniques as you do them, or you’re engaging with people after they watch the video that you communicated through email all interaction as necessary. Furthermore, If only one person is watching treat them as if you are giving this quality content to 5000 people. Your audience will take notice of the fact that you didn’t just abandon your Facebook live and they’ll spread the word for the next week that you’re going to come on.

Email Lists

If you have goals outside of just selling your product that is okay too, remember your goal as you’re creating your videos. If you know that you also want to get email subscribers to your email list make sure you mention that a couple of times throughout the video so that people remember to go back and subscribe to your email list. Every marketing tool that you use should help you reach a goal.

Facebook Ads

Even after you finished recording, you can still do some things with your video. Keep spreading the word of your Facebook live campaign through Facebook ads. Use the ads to retarget people who viewed your pre-launch to convert them into sales. If they were engaged in your video, they got to see you live, and they got to see the product live, why wouldn’t they buy from you??

fb ad

Be sure to add text surrounding your video to include links to your hair brand website. This way potential customers can get directly to your brand even before the new product comes out.

The New Word of Mouth

Social media is the new word of mouth. It’s the easiest way for your business to spread the word about its quality products including new hair launches, new edge control sizes, various colors of satin bonnets, and different textures of lash strips. Facebook Live is just one way that you can create content and repurpose it to reach a wider audience. If you’re able to pre-launch your products and build anticipation around them by using Facebook Live why not take advantage of the resource?

If you have used Facebook Live in the past and it’s worked for you in a way different than detailed in this article feel free to give us some more marketing strategies in the comments below!