Lifetime Dropship Membership

$0.00 / year and a $499.99 sign-up fee

Lifetime Access!

Get instant access to our Hair Extension Dropshipping program! Once your membership is verified and active, you will be able to login to receive wholesale prices on our inventory of hair extension products. No need to hold inventory as our team will pack and ship your orders for you!

*Please Note: This purchase requires verification, see description below for more information

This membership includes our Dropshipping services and membership benefits only, NOT a website. So if you already have a website made from somewhere else, or if customers are placing orders with you via social media, or any other method of sale, you just simply log in to your Dropship account and fulfill their order.

Operating your own hair extension business has never been so cost-effective or efficient!



Dropship Bundles Membership Benefits

As a member, you have:

Dropshipping Hair Extensions is Easy!

We offer the perfect solution to dropship hair extensions with your dropship membership that gives you full access to our inventory and wholesale pricing. Having a dropship membership separates you from potential retail customers that try to buy at the wholesale price.

How it Works

Our dropshipping system allows you to sell hair extensions from anywhere at RETAIL prices and you have access to WHOLESALE prices for big PROFITS! Most people simply set up a PayPal account that instantly allows them to accept payments. Start promoting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Phone or even your own Hair Extension Website. As orders start coming in you log in to our Dropshipping system and send your customers their orders! Once the orders ship our system automatically sends you tracking that you can provide to your customer.

How Dropshipping Hair Works

Verification Process

As part of our policy, we must verify all website/membership purchases, orders over $200, and first-time buyers orders before we are able to ship them out. You would only need to verify once. We have this policy in place to protect our customers as well as our business.

If you are not comfortable with this process, and we can issue you a full refund if your account was not previously verified.


To verify your order, you will email “” with these THREE VERIFICATION ITEMS (NOT JUST ONE):


2. a close-up PHOTO of your government-issued ID (license, ID card, passport, etc.) (ONLY THE NAME, ADDRESS, EXPIRATION, AND PHOTO NEED TO BE VISIBLE)

3. a PHOTO of YOU HOLDING YOUR ID up to your face

All information needed must be visible and clearly readable. As part of our policy, this is to ensure extra security that the person on the ID is actually you.

By the fourth business day with no verification information from you, we want to remind you that your order will be canceled and refunded back to you.


Wholesale Pricing vs. Retail

Having the ability to buy hair extensions at wholesale prices and having your orders dropshipped will save you trips to the post office and the thousands it takes to hold a large inventory of hair. This will also allow you to be more profitable in running your hair extension business and give you more time to market to potential customers. Let’s look at your potential profits on sales!

Clip-in Hair Extensions sell for a retail price of $129. Your WHOLESALE price is just $83. That is a PROFIT of $43!

Sew-in Extensions start at just $33.20 and Retail for $50!

Shipping & Delivery

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