How Fast Do You Ship?

The Importance of Fast Shipping!

We take shipping very seriously. Your customers make their hair appointments and expect their hair extension order fast. The key is to have lightening fast shipping to create an “almost instant gratification” feeling when their package arrives quickly. Over the years we have looked at every way possible to improve efficiency and accuracy of every order. Accuracy is crucial because if your customer is shipped the wrong hair extensions the delays will add up. We don’t have time for that!

Same Day Shipping

Your orders are shipped the SAME DAY if ordered before 4 pm ET. We have no idea why it takes some companies 2 – 5 days to ship orders. Don’t get them confused with us!

1 – 3 Day Delivery Times

We ship orders the same day using USPS Priority and Express Mail. All orders ship from our home office in Atlanta, Georgia. Express mail generally takes 1 – 2 business days depending on the distance from Atlanta or if the shipment is going to a rural area. Priority mail takes 1 – 3 days also depending on the distance from Atlanta. Expect West Coast orders to be on the 2 – 3 day delivery times.

Order Accuracy

Making sure your customer gets the correct order is crucial! Our team has a multiple checkpoint and documentation system. When an order comes in a packing slip is printed. A representative puts the orders together along with the packing slip and shipping label. Then, a second representative double checks every order for accuracy. We then take a photo of each individual shipment with the hair bundles, packing slip and shipping label before it is completely packed. If it is a larger order we will take a video of the order. This helps limit and confused customer that may say they received something different. If any issues do arise we can just go back and look at the photos or videos of the shipments from that day and find the exact order.